The game will be played under Major League Baseball Rules with the following exceptions:

  1. All players and managers must be 18 years old prior to January 1, 2019 and not currently playing on a high school or collegiate team. 
  2. Each game will consist of seven (7) innings, unless the time limit expires or the slaughter rule applies.
  3. The time limit for each game is two hours and thirty minutes. No new inning may begin after the time limit has expired. Note: A new inning begins at the moment the third out is made in the previous half inning. Time-outs for the purpose of player injury does not count against time limit.
  4. The Slaughter Rule shall be defined as when a team leads their opponent by 10 or more runs after at least 4 ½ innings of play and the Home Team has had an equal number of at bats.
  5. The Championship Game of the Tournament shall be played seven (7) full innings.
  6. A complete game is defined as 4 ½ innings. Any game suspended prior to becoming regulation shall be considered a “no game” and started from “scratch.”
  7. Pitchers may not pitch more than four innings. One pitch in an inning constitutes one inning pitched. Once a pitcher is removed from pitching responsibilities, he may return as a pitcher once in a game.
  8. Helmets must be worn by all batters, base runners and catchers.
  9. Starting players may re-enter a game only once, provided they occupy their original position in the batting order.
  10. An intentional walk may be given by the defensive team by having its catcher or coach request the umpire to award the batter first base.
  11. The EXTRA HITTER (EH) must be used in each game, if both teams have 10 players or more present. He must be used in addition to the nine position players in the batting order. Should player injury or player emergency occur and no eligible substitute be available for insertion into the lineup, the “EH” may assume the defensive position that is vacated and bat in the “EH’s” original position in the batting order. No “out” will be declared for the vacant position in the batting order as it occurs. AN “EH” MAY ASSUME A DEFENSIVE POSITION AT ANY TIME DURING A GAME.
  12. If a game is tied at the completion of 7 innings, one extra inning will be played in an effort to determine a winner, but the time limit takes precedence. If at the conclusion of the extra inning the score remains tied, each team will be given a ½ win and a ½ loss for standing purposes.
  13. Speed-Up Rule- Optional courtesy runner for the pitcher or catcher only. However, the courtesy runner must be someone presently not in the game or otherwise the last recorded out.
  14. Fake tags by a defensive player shall result in automatic player ejection and one game suspension.
  15. The starting time of the first scheduled game on Sunday is 2 p.m. The second game will begin 20 minutes following completion of the first game, and no earlier than 3:30 p.m.
  16. Forfeits will count in the standings. However, a fifteen-minute grace period will be allowed before a forfeit shall be declared. No team may begin or end a game with less than 9 players.
  17. Any player ejected from a game for the first time will be suspended for one game. There is no appeal process for first ejection. Upon the same player’s second ejection, he shall be suspended for the remainder of the season. If a player’s second ejection occurs toward the end of the season or during tournament play, the Board shall be granted full authority to decide if the player will be allowed to register to play in subsequent season/s. Players will have 24 hours to appeal their SECOND suspension to the Board of Directors and must do so in writing.
  18. Each player shall have, at minimum, one (1) at bat per game and play a field position for a minimum of one (1) inning per game. Additional playing parameters shall be at the discretion of the manager. While the Board feels the initial communication regarding any rule violation should be between the manager and player, it is the responsibility of the player to monitor his own participation level and report violations to a Board member if deemed appropriate. Corrective measures for Mandatory Play Rule violations shall be as follows: First Violation: Player reports violation to a Board member; Commissioner advises the manager that a “First Violation" has occurred. Second Violation: Player reports violation to a Board member; the Board, through the Commissioner, advises the manager that a “Second Violation” has occurred; the player shall then, in the next game, have playing time doubled from the minimum (two at bats and two innings in the field); the Board shall notify the manager and the team, upon a “Third Violation”, shall forfeit a game. Manager subject to Board discipline. It is the intent of the Board to strictly enforce this rule.
  19. Tie-Breaker Criteria for Regular Season Standings: 1) Head to Head competition, 2) total run differential vs all leagues opponents, and 3) Coin Toss.