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I wish to participate in the Adult Baseball League offered by the Danville Parks and Recreation Department.

I understand the importance of following all rules and regulations relating to this activity, including instructions of the person or persons supervising this activity and/or the requirements of the person or entity responsible for the area where the activity takes place. I agree to follow and comply with such rules, regulations, instructions and/or requirements. My signature below affirms my commitment to the League and my teammates and I understand that I will make every attempt possible to attend practices and scheduled games.

I understand that it is important that I be in good physical condition when I engage in the activity, and I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain an activity level that is compatible with my physical condition and skill level.

I hereby expressly assume the risk of any physical injury or loss that I might sustain as a result of participation in this activity and any transportation related thereto. I further understand that there may be a risk of injury in traveling to and from the area where the activity will take place.

I also expressly waive and covenant not to sue on any claim that I might have against the City, or any officer or employee of the City, or any volunteer, or estate or representatives of such persons for any personal injury I or loss I might sustain as the result of engaging in any activity relating to this program whether caused by negligence, breach of contract or otherwise; except that this waiver shall not apply to any claim I might have against the City (or its agents) for any such personal injury I might sustain arising out of gross or wantonnegligence of any suchperson or entity.

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My signature acknowledges the understanding of my responsibility to the League, my fellow teammates to be present at all team & League functions, the reading of all Registration material & attachments.

I grant permission for the Supervisor or team manager to seek medical attention should the need arise and next of kin cannot be reached by telephone.

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